REDEMPTION SONGS ~ SCROLL OF ESTHER is an in-depth study series of the actual biblical verses comprising Megillat Esther that contains the canonical story of Purim.

Megillat Esther, Chapter Nine, Part Nine: ACCEPTED! narrates the story of how Purim became a Holiday.

While our previous Episodes enabled us to better appreciate the unique observance of the miraculous transformation, this new Episode tells the story of the Great National Embrace of those very observances and why they didn’t fade with the passage of time.

The evolution of organic, elective celebrations to an obligatory annual Mitzvah observance was a bigger deal than most people realize.

Here, we peel away the layers to reveal the untold story of how the timely inspiration was translated into perpetual perspiration and lasting commitment.

This will lead us to discover the deeper cosmic messages secretly encoded into the way Purim festivities achieving eternity!

This is the fifty-second segment in an ongoing series on the biblical Scroll of Esther.

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