Rosh Hashana l’Illanot, the New Year for Trees – has been religiously observed in Eretz Yisrael since antiquity. What is the essence of this “outlandish” Celebration, how and why is it relevant in today’ post-modern era?

Special Presentation for Tu B’Shevat: BE LIKE TREES!

We the Jewish People have been observing a Rosh Hashana for Trees – in the middle of the winter — since arriving in the Israel more than 32 centuries ago and beginning to work the land.

So, to be sure, Tu B’Shvat is clearly an ancient Torah tradition that’s as old as Eretz Yisrael itself. Yet as Israel is better known today for High Tech Start-ups than Agriculture should it still occupy that much space on our National Hard Drive?

To explain why we persist in marking this date, many invoke a Talmudic teaching on a verse in Deuteronomy (20;19) protecting trees from destruction in warfare. Our Sages saw it as (in effect) likening a human being to a tree. However, instead of clarifying our seemingly inexplicable obsession with this minor anniversary, it only serves to exacerbate the question: Why indeed would the Torah Compare People to Trees?!

This deeply insightful, and emotionally evocative presentation will offer a lucid overview of what this holiday is (and isn’t) about, as it answers the questions and provides powerful lessons about life, and life-long learning.

Here you will discover invaluable information on Tu B’shvat, as well as an effective strategy to identify truly ethical and inspirational spiritual leadership and guidance — perhaps more relevant than ever in our confusing day and age!

This special presentation has been generously sponsored by Leslie and Iris Friedman in memory of Leslie’s mother Blima Bat Naftali on occasion of her recently observed Yahrzeit.

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