REDEMPTION SONGS ~ SCROLL OF ESTHER is an in-depth study series of the actual biblical verses comprising Megillat Esther that contains the canonical story of Purim.


Continuing Chapter Nine, Part Eleven entitled: BOOMERANG documents the Queen’s Entry into the Fray, the King’s Written Word that serves to enforce a whole new reality of Law and Order, or a royal return in the form of a full 360% Back Atcha!

When the King was finally did confronted with [his moment of] truth, targets were transposing. The edict — spoken, scripted and sealed — unraveled the meticulously woven web of evil and the entire plot turned inside out!

He who came to murder was killed instead, and the original Pur-plan-persecution of Jewish genocide royally rebounded, with the story ending in a radically different way.

Not by rebellion or defiance — but rather in full keeping with, and by the Letter of the Law, the Architect of Annihilation is himself Annihilated. Most remarkably, without the scroll laying it out in sequence the entire miracle wouldn’t even be noticed!

The Eleventh Episode of the Ninth Chapter has been dedicated by Marty and Gail Bergman in loving memory of Gail’s late father, Eliyahu ben Avraham Yitzchak.

This exceptionally insightful segment comprises the fifty-fourth consecutive offering of an ongoing, in-depth discovery series on the biblical Scroll of Esther.

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