An in-depth mini-series focused on the pages in the ninth chapter of Masechet Brachot that record the teachings of our Sages about Dreams. Here the Talmud probes the mysteries of Deeper Consciousness, and the compelling or disturbing Nocturnal Visions people may sometimes experience.


This Fourth Episode of our unique mini-series exploring Deeper Consciousness comprises the eighteenth segment of chapter nine of Tractate Brachot. We continue studying Page 55a with a lesson entitled “DREAM INTERPRETATION.”

Having opened our analysis of nocturnal visions and the follow up required, we now zero in on the importance of decoding messages they might contain:

Do Dreams occupy a place of real or imagined importance, and is it wise to try to interpret them?

Employing rich parable and metaphor to better understand ancient, mysterious teachings including paradigms like modern-day Unopened E-Mails, the proverbial Ostrich Syndrome, and the seemingly hedonistic viewpoint; it Better to be Bad!

We conclude by making Good Bad, even if, at times, Nightmares are preferred.

These fascinating Talmudic teachings about the paranormal are guaranteed to surprise and excite your inner craving for spiritual secrets and mystical Torah truth!

This Episode has been generously sponsored to commemorate the recently observed Yahrzeit of Miriam bat Aryeh Leib.

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