This is inspirational discovery of the unique themes found in this year’s ‘Basi L’Gani’ Ma’amerim — the Rebbe’s annual illuminated formal expositions of Chabad Chassidic teaching that were delivered in honour of Yud Shevat!

ENDLESS LIGHT ~ Radiant Trajectory: A Yud Shevat 5782 Special

It is an indisputable historic fact that the Rebbe’s rise came on the Wings of a Ma’amer – the delivery of an original formal Chassidic Discourse.

It was on the night of Yud (the 10th day of the Hebrew month of) Shevat 5711 (1951), on occasion of the first Yahrzeit-Hilulah of the Previous Rebbe, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneerson that the Rebbe formally accepted the sacred mantle of inspired leadership.

For many months prior, the Rebbe had already reluctantly, yet increasingly assumed the responsibilities of the revered saintly position. Yet, he never formally acquiesced or acknowledged it.

Anyone learned can deliver a scholarly address with original thoughts or insights, and the Rebbe had already shared many such ingenious and inspirational talks. Yet only a Rebbe delivers an original Ma’amer. Up until this point, despite the pleading of Chassidim, the Rebbe had consistently refused to do so.

On that dramatic and historic night. Things changed. Forever. With profoundly holy fervour and soul-searing emotion the Rebbe tearfully delivered his first Ma’amer: Basi L’Gani 5711 an original formal Chassidic rumination based on the Last Ma’amer of his predecessor.

Each year, on this anniversary he would deliver a new and unique rumination – based on a segment of the original Yom HaHilulah Ma’amer, Basi L’Gani.

The original Ma’amer was 20 chapters long. Each year the Ma’amer would expound upon and elucidate the Torah ideas that were found in the corresponding chapter.

This year we study the 12th chapter, and this presentation focuses on the Ma’amer the Rebbe delivered on Yud Shevat 5742 (1982).

This enlightening lecture was generously sponsored by Sheryn Weber to commemorate the Yahrzeit of her father Chaim ben Avraham Yehuda and Leah Gittel.

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