Episode #91 — “EPILOUGUE!” – The Grand Finale Siyum

In the immediate past Episode, we highlighted how the Guard Duty’s final Sweep of the Beit HaMikdash Courtyard would be maintained even on [the night of] Shabbat.

Achieving this necessitated compromise: flaming torches had to be pre-placed instead of having the Cohanim hold their fire.

In this final and climatic Episode, we will illuminate and learn to better appreciate the deeper messages this Halacha radiates. The Siyum builds on the Rebbe’s novel Glory to G-d Guard thesis and demonstrates how the structure enhancement theory strings the beginning and end together.

Maintaining Mikdash mindfulness isn’t merely an expression of deference and devotion. It completes the circle, creating the perfect venue for our divine service.

That very idea then serves to complete the circle of Hilchot Beit HaBechira, demonstrating how the beginning and end wedge into one another!

The exquisite Dusk to Dawn symmetry is more than a thing of philosophical beauty. It ultimately becomes the inspirational catalyst to pave the road into our glorious and glowing imminent Messianic Future!

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