The ongoing CUSTOMS & CONVENTIONS series focuses on timely rules, regulations, and traditional observances related to the Jewish holidays and special times on our Jewish unique calendar!

A fascinating discovery on the tradition of PURIM DRINKING. Why in Heaven would Halacha require Intoxication? Learn the truth about “GETTING WASTED” in an Episode overflowing with insight and inspiration.

Making Sense out of Drinking till you are Senseless!

Uncorking bottled-up secret Torah teachings on the traditional [mandated?] Purim over-the-top consumption of Wine is sure to bubble over with thrilling surprises.

This complex mix of Torah-true vintage teachings features the kind of rich, satisfying flavour and texture, only achievable by blending the unique characteristics of a wide range of the literal, homiletical and mystical dimension!

The creative genius of a contemporary Master serves to bring the concert of insight into a symphony of delightful perfection!

This all-new Episode of our CUSTOMS & CONVENTIONS series has been lovingly dedicated L’Zechut Eric Shefer, Arye ben Eliezer and Esther by his family on occasion of his Yahrzeit observed on the twelfth day of Adar.

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