EXTREME MAKEOVER: Temple Edition ~ The Laws on G-d’s Residence of Choice Rambam: Hilchot Beit HaBechira. Chapter 8; 8b


In the previous Episode we learnt about the outer scrimmage duties and responsibilities of the Levite Clans: Guarding at Gates, and Minding Corners too.

Some were posted on the inside, while others were pointedly kept out — due to technical reasons and considerations.

In this Episode we will continue with the Levites on Guard Duty, but this time our focus is exclusively on the gateways to an inner scrimmage of sanctity.

We’ll discover that, strangely enough, not all gates fall within the Levite mandate, as their purview includes only five of the seven formal entranceways to the Mikdash Courtyard itself.

The Levites are on duty where they must be because there are some places that Cohanim get to go to instead.

Finally, Rambam feels it’s important to add up the numbers and state the tally. Incredibly we end up adding up to Chai!

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