Our Redemption Songs Study Series on the Book of Psalms — Sefer Tehillim, features in-depth analysis of prophetic songful verses redacted and composed by the legendary “Sweet Singer of Israel,” King David.

The Awe-Psalm Ascendancy Segment of this larger Series focuses specifically on the Fifteen Psalms known as The Shir HaMa’alot (Songs of Ascent).

In the third and final Episode of Psalm 123 “HELD IN CONTEMPT” we deal with the Denigration of Am Yisrael that is brought on by the Derision of the Nations.

With Souls Sated with the Scorn of our Sworn Enemies, we pray even more intensely for the Salvation to be ushered in by our long-awaited Moshiach!

Having developed a profound understanding of the opening two verses, we can now move to conclude our study of this unique prayerful psalm.

Our long and painful Galut/Exilic Odessey has humbled us to the point of full saturation. For too long we have suffered derision and degradation of the complacent. For too long we’ve been tormented by the scorn and humiliation of the arrogant.

Isn’t it high time for Hashem’s children to finally be brought home?

This third and climatic offering on Psalm 123 is the sixteenth consecutive segment of the Awe-Psalm Ascendancy Series on the Shir HaMa’alot.

The closing Episode of this Psalm is is being presented on Motzai Chof Bais Shevat; dedicated in honour of the the Yahrzeit-Hilula of the Lubavitcher Rebbetzin, Chaya Mushka Schneerson, soulmate of our beloved Rebbe, of righteous memory.

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