I AM WOMAN is a special presentation delivered to honour CHOF BAIS SHEVAT, the Yahrzeit-Hilula of Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka Schneerson, Soulmate of the internationally revered Lubavitcher Rebbe of Righteous Memory.

Backgrounder: In 1992, in the days following Yartzeit-Hilula of the Previous Lubavitcher Rebbe and leading up to the Rebbetzin’s fourth Yartzeit-Hilula, the Rebbe delivered a series of ground-breaking addresses on Female empowerment in the Torah Perspective.

Rather than the typical modern-day accommodations and adjustments, they comprised an unapologetic presentation of eternal Yiddishkeit values.

To summarize (at the risk of gross oversimplification) this is the Timeless Torah-True Take on Female Empowerment.

The ideas are ground-breaking. Shattering glass ceilings with concepts that are at once copiously sourced, yet entirely novel. Its an insightful, and uplifting presentation that provide us a powerful and inspirational Torah viewpoint on Jewish Femininity and our Modern Era.

Ultimately our Mesorah and Torah traditions are Eternal, if your seeing anything new it’s because we’re simply going Back to the Future. Sounds intriguing, watch, listen, and see for yourself!

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