This in-depth mini-series focuses on the pages in the ninth chapter of Masechet Brachot that record the teachings of our Sages about Dreams. Here the Talmud probes the mysteries of Deeper Consciousness, and the compelling or disturbing Nocturnal Visions people may sometimes experience.

Tractate Brachot, Chapter Nine, Part 15 continues Page 55a with: “IN THE SHADOWS”

This is the first Episode of a mini-series dedicated to probing Deeper Consciousness.

This segment will analyze scriptural allusion to a Higher Consciousness that seems to have graced the original Mishkan-Maker, Betzalel, ultimately serving as a preamble to Torah truisms about possible mysterious meanings associated with Dreams.

Featuring a showdown between the greatest Prophet of all Time and a child prodigy whose stunning clairvoyance proves more correct. This is about G-d, Moses, and a brilliant adolescent architect who seemingly functioned on a higher frequency.

Incredibly, these profoundly insightful teachings can also be applied in real time to impact and uplift life in our post-modern 21st century!

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