This in-depth Gemara study is about fascinating teachings of our Sages regarding THE RESURRECTION; the belief that those who lived, will rise to live again. This cardinal principal of our eternal Torah Faith is the theme of the second blessing of the Amida.

There seems to be a Torah tradition linking The Resurrection in Messianic Times exclusively to Israel. The obvious question: what about people buried elsewhere?! This and other mysterious issues are addressed in this mini-series.

Episode One: Masechet Ketubot, Daf 111a, “LAND OF THE LIVING” focuses on Graveyard Geography and the prophesized Return of The Dead!

To be sure, the universal resuscitation of our deceased after the arrival of Moshiach is a foundational Article of our Jewish Faith.

From clear teachings in the Mishna and elsewhere it certainly seems to be inclusive of most (if not all) of Am Yisrael regardless of where they were (or weren’t) interred.

Shockingly, however, there seems to be an authentic Torah tradition indicating that those buried in the Diaspora would be excluded from this paranormal phenomenon. Yet, how in heaven can that be true?!

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