Episode #90 — “LIT FOR SHABBAT”

In past Episodes, we discussed the pre-dawn Priestly Guard Duty Sweep around the Azara (Beit HaMikdash Courtyard) perimeter. Torch-led groups set off in opposite directions and completed the circle at the appointed meeting place.

In this new Episode we conclude with the final Halacha that emphasizes the need to maintain the pattern of this concluding ritual on the night of Shabbat as well. Yet, it is here that the Sanctity of Time and Space are set on Collison Course!

To Hold the Pattern of Daily Guard Duty, and nonetheless Guard the holiness of Shabbat we reach a compromise by pre-placing torches, instead of holding them.

This however sets off a firestorm of contradictory jurisprudence. According the Rambam’s own Mitzva Metrics this precautionary methodology seems superfluous!

By further developing and applying the Rebbe’s novel Temple Watch Thesis many more questions continue to be resolved and answered!

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