This series features an in-depth study – in 120-byte size segments – on the Twelfth Principles of our Jewish Faith, Belief in the coming of The Messiah (Moshiach). Drawing on a wide range of classic and contemporary commentaries ultimately addressing the burning issue of passive Anticipation vs active Awaiting?

Episode Fourteen: “MESSIANIC LAW & ORDER”

In the previous Episode we clarified why the non-Miracle method of identifying Moshiach, is Rambam’s way of defining His truest Essence, Purpose, and Persona!

In other words, Maimonides’s clear cut legal ruling on our expectation of the anticipated Messianic Redeemer addresses far more than the technical question of whether he will have to make miracles to demonstrate his bona fides and prove just cause.

In this Episode we will further develop this thesis on the Rambam’s opinion about the definition of Moshiach and the Redemptive Era by highlighting the order and systematic classification he pointedly chose in which to present his rulings on the matter!

Here you’ll discover how even the Order in which Jewish Law appears comprises Halachik teaching, instruction, guidance, and definition!

This is the Fourteenth episode in an ongoing study series on The Geula, our final Redemption generally referred to as the Coming of The Messiah (Moshiach).

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