This series on the Passover Haggadah features in-depth study of the actual ancient text, its formal instructional accompaniment and the commentary authored by the Rebbe. We invariably draw on a wide range of classic and contemporary teachings.

Our current focus is on “Matzah,” step eight of the fifteen parts that comprise the Pesach Seder’s Order.

Episode #40 entitled; “MY NAME IS FAITH” seeks to crack the Secret Code kneaded into the Matzah itself to reveal its essential Mystical Meaning.

Having already delved into Halachic dimensions of this unique annual edible obligation, we are now ready to sink our teeth into the esoteric Kabbalah of Matzah!

By zeroing in on two intrinsic and inherent names used for Shemurah Matzah eaten at the Seder, we will learn to appreciate the special effects caused by its consumption.

Discover how Matzah ingestion impacts, influences, and improves the lives of those who absorb it, and discover incredible spiritual secrets baked into Passover’s iconic wafers!

This class is the 40th Episode in an ongoing study series on the Haggadah (formal Handbook) of the Passover Seder.

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