REDEMPTION SONGS ~ SCROLL OF ESTHER is an in-depth study series of the actual biblical verses comprising Megillat Esther that contains the canonical story of Purim.

Chapter Nine, Part Thirteen entitled: PERSIAN VERSION continues to clarify the opening thrust of the 26th verse of the chapter: why it’s called Purim.

This new offering opens with a brief review of the climax of the previous Episode:

After the literal explanations for this holiday being named for the [random] mechanism used to plot Genocide left us wanting, we turned to mystical, spiritual teachings of Torah to paint a rich new picture of Purim.

In this new segment we will move to highlight hues and sharpen resolution. This will enable us to successfully segue into developing a wider panoramic view.

Yet, notwithstanding the newfound clarity, one BIG question still lingers: why “Purim” meaning “Lots” in Persian instead of the Hebrew word “Goralot?!”

Once again, we will begin with the technical before moving on into a deeper spiritual perspective. The new view will endow us a profound appreciation of why in heaven a Jewish/Hebrew Holiday purposely received a Foreign Name!

This Thirteenth Episode of Chapter Nine comprises the fifty-sixth consecutive offering of an ongoing, in-depth discovery series on the biblical Scroll of Esther.

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