These Gemara teachings focus on the Passover Seder. They feature an in-depth study of the Talmudic analysis of our Sages on key components of the Pesach Night rituals.

Tractate Pesachim, Perek Arvai-Pesachim, Page – 116a

“POISON CONTROL” a fascinating discovery on the Rhyme and Reason for Charoset: our Edible Seder Cement!

According to the first school of thought espoused by our Sages, Charoset isn’t a biblical or even rabbinic Mitzvah Food, yet we’re instructed to create this tasty chunky dip and bring it to the Pesach Seder table.

The BIG question is why?!

Learn all about the surprising neutralizing powers this potent this Passover Paste is supposed to possess and how it can save the Seder attendees from poisonous stomach bugs, tapeworms, or even dangerous spirits.

The unusual explanations serve to enhance our appreciation of everything brought to the Seder table.

This Episode joins a growing collection of classes on Perek Arvia Pesachim, the 10th chapter of this Holiday Tractate. This chapter’s primary focus is The Passover Seder and its unique ritual observances.

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