This in-depth Gemara study is about fascinating teachings of our Sages regarding THE RESURRECTION; the belief that those who lived, will rise to live again — the principal of our Torah Faith that comprises the second blessing of the Amida.

There seems to be a Torah tradition linking The Resurrection in Messianic Times exclusively to Israel. The obvious question: what about people buried elsewhere?! This and other mysterious issues are addressed in this mini-series.

Masechet Ketubot, Daf 111a — Episode Two, entitled “QUANTUM TUNNELING,” is about a futuristic subterranean Holyland Highway that’ll enable the prophesized Return of The Dead for those buried outside the proverbial Land of The Living!

Backgrounder: The Messianic Era resuscitation of the deceased seems to include most (if not all) of Am Yisrael, interment location notwithstanding. Yet, in our first Episode we learnt about the Resurrection happening only for those buried in Israel.

This teaching appears to be at odds with other accepted traditions about the (near) all-inclusive revival of [pious] people regardless of where they were laid to rest.

This Episode introduces resolution by reconciling the veracity of both teachings:
Indeed, from around the world, everyone will rise to their ultimate destiny. At the same time Israel is the true Land of the Living.

The reconciling of the seeming contradiction is to be found in a tunneling concept called Gilgul Mechilot, which may be an ancient allusion to modern quantum physics.

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