REDEMPTION SONGS ~ SCROLL OF ESTHER is an in-depth study series of the actual biblical verses comprising Megillat Esther that contains the canonical story of Purim.

Chapter Nine, Part Twelve entitled: RANDOM ENCOUNTERS clarifies the first half of verse 26 with a laser focus on the Royal Rhyme and Reason they decided to call it Purim!

Naming this Holiday goes far beyond the Lots thrown for date determination. The Random element of this unique Cause and Effect lead us to another major Jewish Holiday so kindred in nature yet observed in exactly the opposite fashion.

Much like every proper biblical study; it’s the subtleties in the script that enable us to appreciate the historic and spiritual consequences of this entire saga.

This fascinating Twelfth Episode of Chapter Nine comprises the fifty-fifth consecutive offering of an ongoing, in-depth discovery series on the biblical Scroll of Esther.

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