This in-depth Gemara study of Masechet Megillah focuses on observances connected to the rabbinically ordained joyous festival of Purim. This mini-series opens with a discussion about its observances when a Leap Year includes two months of Adar. A fascinating analysis of this leads to a study of the establishment the holiday itself, and eventually takes us into the iconic Mitzvah of Mishloach Manot, the Holiday Gifting of Edibles to One Another!

Tractate Megillah, Chap. One, Pg 7a. Episode Five: “SACRED SCROLLS”

Following unprecedented miraculous deliverance and salvation, Queen Esther tapped the [Jewish] Nation’s Spiritual Supreme Authority = “The Sanhedrin” to establish Purim as a permanent holiday.

With factual reportage on the reality of Royal Records, Esther handily dismisses the [seemingly valid] concerns of our Sages about us [albeit unwittingly] providing the anti-Semites rationalization and justification — in promulgating Jew Hatred by weaponizing our celebration of Divine Deliverance.

In our previous Episode, analyzing this led us into a profoundly insightful and novel appreciation of what the celebration of Purim is really all about.

Here, after reviewing and expanding our understanding of their surprising exchange which begs greater elucidation, our paradigm shifting thesis will be taken on to a whole new level as we focus on the formal written record!

In short: having prevailed on the Sages to establish ritual Purim observances, the Talmud relates that the Queen moved on with a quest to enshrine the Megillah itself.

Insisting on an expansion of the Sacred Scripture, Esther boldly requested the Halachik induction into the biblical [prophetic] canon of the Jewish People.

We will elucidate the deeper meaning of her request, for after all, and can Rabbis’ really shape scripture?

Plus, the High Court’s biblically binding deliberation will force us to explore beneath the surface of their unforeseen verdict.

This is the fifth Episode of this continuing holiday mini-series.

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