WHO WILL NURTURE MY FAITH? is a text-based study of the Ma’amer V’atah Tetzaveh!; a foundational Chassidic Discourse which many regard as the Rebbe’s Last Will and Testament.

It provides extraordinary clarity of the mystical meanings of Mitzvot, the truest essence of Torah Leadership, defining dimensions of our Soul and the profoundest expressions of its emergence. It uniquely reframes the true tests of faith and challenges of our modern era as it poignantly presents us with Marching Orders; boldly outlining the roadmap to Redemption!

Part Six of “SEASON OF SACRIFICE” features a textual study of Chapters 7 and of the Ma’amer. It opens by contrasting and profiling Inspirational Paradigms of Torah Leadership!

Studying our storied history of self-sacrificial devotion leads to a unique understanding generational Shepherds of Faith. The crushing nature of exilic circumstances also contributes to historical differences.

Ultimately, this begs a big question: is the inspiration of the masses something borne of a Torah Teacher’s wisdom, spiritual charisma, or inspired leadership, or is it a visceral reaction to extenuating circumstances and the situational reality of Galut?

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