This Gemara series focuses featuring an in-depth study of the Talmud’s narrative of the events and happenings linked to mass revelation at Sinai and G-d’s Giving of the Torah to the Jewish People seven short weeks after Exodus from Egypt.

Tractate Shabbat, Page 89 a “SHADOW IN THE CLOUD”

Discover the true and incredulous of The Nation of Israel’s greatest Sin: The Golden Calf. How could the same people who witnessed the only ever historic mass-revelation of G-dliness have gone on to do such a terrible thing just 40 short days later?!

This is an Epic story of betrayal and disloyalty hatched by the Satan himself. Learn the truth about the Satanic Storm of that set us back thousands of years.

The story of the day Satan clouded reality by depicted Death in Sky to create mass hysteria. The story stain of shame and the source of Faith Conundrums, Contentions and Confusion that continues to plague us until this very day!

You’ll be amazed to learn the truth and understand just how pivotal this event was, and still is!

This is the sixteenth Episode of a study-series linked to Shavuot and Matan Torah.

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