KingDavid’s Secret to Survival & Success
A Torah class by Rabbi Mendel Kaplan on Tehillim Psalm119


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  • Rabbi, I have a serious question for you. I will turn 30yrs old this April. I grew up in Christianity but in 2010 I understood the importance of keeping Torah. Then I started the Hebrew Roots movement and it blew up all over the world. But I left it in 2017 to study Yeshiva subjects via youtube – specifically kabbalah. Because I was able to understand the deep concepts and use them on the world.
    In 2016 I entered into an internet movement called MGTOW (men going their own way), which is a group of men outcasted from the Roman Western society. I made some content for them but made sure to keep a small youtube channel to remain hidden. I had an agenda all that time, so my content was directed to the unofficial oligarchy of MGTOW. The plan, which I am working on finalizing right now, if the men agree, is to make me their jewish king in order to get the attention of the world.
    The only reason I wanted this was to stop the land of Israel from being divided and yes, I also want Christians to avoid being beheaded by the bad interpretation of the Noahide laws.
    When the description of ben David is given, I fit it. I know the internet is filled with trolls. But moshiach is also there somewhere. How can you know him apart from a troll?
    But I don't care about whether or not I have the qualifications of ben David. I am only concerned about Israel and I am aggravated that Rabbis are not uniting and speaking against this man traveling in the Middle East trying to make a false peace deal.

    I love the Rabbis of today. They are tzaddikim and not like the ones in the 2nd temple period. However, I am disappointed and frustrated by the apathy regarding the division of the land of Israel.

    I understand about hierarchy. I understand its not proper for Rabbis to speak out of turn or to condemn Chabad. And all Rabbis are under the authority of the halacha of the Rambam. But I am not. Which is why I am able to speak out. I am able to come from outside of the army and slay goliat. I am able to come from outside of Egypt with the plague of my tongue. I chose MGTOW because I wanted Esav to have a chance to repent. I wanted to give them a share in the geula. Plus, yeshiva doesn't accept me because I'm not under the Rambam.

    I am skeptical MGTOW will not unite in a quick enough time before the elections. And I'm telling you, I will be extremely disappointed in everyone if the land is divided. In 2016 I prayed to hashem a deep prayer to delay the judgment for 3yrs. I prayed that the baby boomers merited mercy because of a certain Torah verse. And I prayed also for the millennial generation, meriting mercy for a different reason. Yet this man who is in the Middle East takes credit for masterminding the Trump election.

    The question is, don't you care? Are you genuine? I will be extremely disappointed in Esav if they do not rally for this obvious cause to prevent mass christian genocide. And I will be extremely disappointed in Yehudah for not standing in the gap for Benyamin. I swear to hashem, that when the geula comes, if it come through war, it will correlate with each person's participation or lack thereof. And if that land is divided, I will curse the entire earth from the bottom of my heart. And all of you will realize the vanity of your "miztvot" in comparison to the pure emunah of moshiach, who's every step towards Torah was not rewarded by community or learned by rote, or blessed by the smile of his father, but was through pain, loneliness, poverty, and rejection all the days of his life until now. And until now I have not cursed the earth but went to the back of the line so everyone could have a chance to enter the geula.

    Do not think that outward appearances means you're a tzaddik. And do not think that actions done amongst the safety of yeshiva friends, is an act of emunah. Shalom and thank you for your shiur.