Episode #85 — “THE OVERSEER”

Over the past dozen Episodes, we have learnt much about the Honour Guard Duties carried out by both the Cohanim and Levite Clans.

In total, 24 specialized groups of mostly adult (along with a notable contingent of minors) took up their positions, minding their appointed posts each night.

They were strategically stationed around the Temple Mount circumference, as well as the outer scrimmage of the massive multi-tiered Beit HaMikdash Campus.

After reviewing the three locations that housed the Cohanim, and then went on to delineate the 21 Levite placements at Gateways, Corners and Chambers.

In the new Episode we are introduced to the ‘Guardian Angel’ Overseer who was appointed over all the watches.

Making continuous torch-lit rounds, his mandate was to ensure and even enforce compliance. Each sentry was expected to rise and greet the Temple Campus CEO. Failure to verbally respond would be tantamount to a silent admission of guilt.

This Honour Guard Overseer was granted overarching powers of enforcement, including the administration of corporal punishment!

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