An in-depth mini-series focused on the pages in the ninth chapter of Masechet Brachot that record the teachings of our Sages about Dreams. Here the Talmud probes the mysteries of Deeper Consciousness, and the compelling or disturbing Nocturnal Visions people may sometimes experience.


This Fifth Episode of our unique mini-series exploring Deeper Consciousness comprises the nineteenth segment of chapter nine of Tractate Brachot. We continue studying Page 55a with a lesson entitled “THE SCIENCE OF DREAMS.”

The Talmud now continues its analysis of Nocturnal Visions. Can one’s Dreams be an Echo of Prophecy, and are Accurate Interpretations of Dreams a Perfect Science?

Employing a parable of Straw vs Grain, and a Mixed Bundles of metaphors that includes Joseph’s Dream about the Sun, Moon, and Mother.

These fascinating Talmudic teachings about navigating the backchannel of higher consciousness and even clairvoyance will delight and excite your inner craving for spiritual secrets and mystical Torah truism!

This Episode has been generously sponsored by Miykael Welsh to commemorate the Yahrzeit of his wife Cynthia, Cynthia bat Ben, along with Dr. Eve Rosenthal and Dr. Jeff Solomon to commemorate the Yahrzeit of Eve’s father, Moshe ben Dovid, which was observed today.

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