This in-depth Gemara study is on the fascinating teachings of Perek Chelek, which uniquely focuses on Faith Matters and Torah Theology. From Credo to Conduct, we explore the Soul’s Nature, Eternity, the Afterlife, and the future Messianic Redemption.

To clarify these aspects, archetypal personalities and eras are often analyzed and assessed to shed light on these matters. Occasionally, our Sages will probe beneath the surface to reveal deeper dimensions and enabling us to learn the lessons of history and avoid repeating their mistakes today!
Tractate Sanhedrin, Page 94 b “THE SPOILS OF WAR”

This Episode follows the previous analysis of how King Hezekiah spawned a Golden-Age of Torah Literacy, inspiring Am Yisrael to amass Wisdom rather than Wealth.

We now return to the post-mortem of Sennacherib’s miraculous defeat. G-d provides the people of Israel with plentiful Parnassa from unexpected sources. This boon materially enables the incredible aforementioned national religious renaissance.

Surprisingly, the Jewish People seek prophetic guidance for propriety in pillaging. Isiah invokes the image of locust harvesting in response. Yet, how can grasshopper gleaning become a source of an ethical code of conduct for collecting spoils?

We will touch on international law on ownership and the privilege of victors. Can people’s legal rights simply be rinsed in a wave of conflict?

Proof is found in an ancient Battle of the Titans and the accompanying prophetic insight on Purified Property. Discover how one nation’s victory on the battlefield served to enable another nation’s legal claims to land and geography!

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