This in-depth Gemara study is about fascinating teachings of our Sages regarding THE RESURRECTION; the belief that those who lived, will rise to live again — the principal of our Torah Faith that comprises the second blessing of the Amida.

There seems to be a Torah tradition linking The Resurrection in Messianic Times exclusively to Israel, and kindred exclusivity to the Righteous. What about people buried elsewhere, what about those lacking merit, and most of all how does it square with the Mishna ruling that all of Am Yisrael are included?!

Masechet Ketubot, Daf 111b — Episode Three, entitled “THEY LIVE” addresses a burning question on The Resurrection: is this reserved for the righteous, or will the masses be included as well?

In the previous Episode we clarified the teaching on Resurrection happening only in Israel. Now we will move to another surprising teaching indicating that only perfectly pious people will merit coming back to life in the end of Days.

This teaching appears to be at odds with other accepted traditions about the (near) all-inclusive revival of people regardless of their level of learning, observance, or piety.

To some degree, the reconciling of these seemingly disparate Torah traditions may be clarified by virtue of a far more inclusive definition of righteousness. Yet lowering the bar won’t enable us to overcome the stubborn facts.

Clearly the Dew of [re-animated] Life can only flow from the Torah’s Light and radiance. How then might [spiritual] commoners receive the vivifying life-elixir energy of the future?!

We on a true high with an uplifting and illuminating teaching that shows us all how ordinary people can achieve extraordinary levels of connectivity with G-d.

This climatic Episode will provide powerful information on how we can link into the spiritual network to facilitate resuscitation despite systemic inadequacies!

This Third Episode of the mini-series about our final Faith Foundation has been generously sponsored by Yuval and Carol Popper in loving memory of Yuval’s Father – ראובן בן זאב.

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