WHO WILL NURTURE MY FAITH? is a text-based study series of the Ma’amer v’Ata Teztave; the foundational Chassidic Discourse regarded by many as The Rebbe’s Spiritual Last Will and Testament.

It gifts us extraordinary clarity of the mystical meaning of Mitzvot, and the truest essence of Torah Leadership. The Ma’amer also highlights defining dimensions of our Soul and the profoundest expressions of its emergence. It uniquely reframes the true tests of faith and challenges of our modern era, as it poignantly presents us with Marching Orders — boldly outlining the roadmap to Redemption!

Part Nine “TRUE WILL” features in-depth textually grounded study of the second half of the Ninth Chapter of the Ma’amer that further develops the previously introduced thesis.

By framing the idea with a rare outer layer, the new and deeper perspective about the silver lining engendered by Galut’s crushing circumstances emerges in crisp HD.

In fact, this novel understanding of opportunities uniquely afforded by the Exilic emptiness of G-d’s presence leads us into a surprising discovery of our own Deepest Desire.

Here, using the backdrop of the “Atmospheric Fog” that can cloud the personal Spiritual Consciousness of the supremely Saintly, the Rebbe in effect enables us to discover our own Soul’s innermost yearning.

This introduces us to the Ma’amer’s greatest novelty; experiencing the Crushing Spirit of Exilic Concealment under best of circumstances most powerfully reveals the Truest Will and the core of our very essential being!

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