“Divorce Court” Was Adam driven out of Eden by HaShem; or did Adam drive the Shechina away instead?


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  • Sir Can I respectfully ask you questions or have a discussion with you. I was brought up Christian and recently have been asking myself questions about leviticus and the laws. I find myself wanting to follow it. I have questions and need guidance in explaining the scriptures so I can understand. Also Dont want to practice Christmas or Easter because I recently found out it was pagan and can find no where in the bible about it. I would like to learn the feasts and how I can practice them and How to bring it to my family. Thank you so much Rabbi. I just found your Yt after praying wanting to learn this and has been hard over the pandemic. Also I want to talk to you about something I found in my bible and in enoch writings that scares me. My name is Lisa Griffith I think I need to tell you something important

  • Thank you for archiving these teachings. And thank you for your scholarship, love of Torah and joy in teaching it. I look forward to continuing my Torah studies with your videos! La'Chaim!