This in-depth mini-series focuses on the pages in the ninth chapter of Masechet Brachot that record the teachings of our Sages about Dreams. Here the Talmud probes the mysteries of Deeper Consciousness, and the compelling or disturbing Nocturnal Visions people may sometimes experience.

This second Episode of our mini-series dedicated to probing Deeper Consciousness is the sixteenth study segment of chapter nine of Tractate Brachot. We continue Page 55a features a presentation entitled: “WHAT DREAMS MAY COME”

Before moving on to the central topic of this series, Dreams, the Talmud concludes its illuminating analysis on the wisdom endowed to the child prodigy leading the wisely built Mishkan Project.

Analysis of the biblical verse describing the intellectual creative capacity and talent granted the original Mishkan-Maker, Betzalel, leads to a radically deeper understanding of Higher Consciousness.

Alongside, a fascinating juxtaposition of seemingly disparate biblical verses reveals surprising new dimensions of wisdom, understanding, and knowledge linking Mikdash Making to the Creation of the world itself!

Ultimately this is a preamble to Torah truisms about mysterious possibilities associated with Dreams, as we then segue into nocturnal visions and meanings, or messages they may be conveying to us.

From Dreams of Fast Days and imaginative hunger to, the real or imagined importance of Good, or Bad Dreams we have might have, including the possibility that Better might be Bad!

This wide range of deeply insightful Talmudic, yet equally Mystical Torah teachings can easily be applied towards navigating life challenges in our day and age!

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