This in-depth mini-series focuses on the pages in the ninth chapter of Masechet Brachot that record the teachings of our Sages about Dreams. Here the Talmud probes the mysteries of Deeper Consciousness, and the compelling or disturbing Nocturnal Visions people may sometimes experience.


This third Episode of our mini-series dedicated to probing Deeper Consciousness is the seventeenth study segment of chapter nine of Tractate Brachot. We continue Page 55a features a presentation entitled: “WHAT DREAMS MAY COME”

Having concluded our illuminating analysis on the wisdom endowed to the child prodigy who was appointed to lead the wisely built Mishkan Project, we are finally ready to move on to the central topic of this series, Dreams!

Attaining a better understanding of Higher Consciousness, and learning to appreciate deeper dimensions of wisdom, understanding, and knowledge has positioned us to explore the Torah truisms about mysterious possibilities associated with dreams, and nocturnal visions.

A pithy Talmudic statement clarifies an earlier teaching about the need to pray for a “Good” Dreams. But how does one define good, and don’t we need Heavenly help for everything?

The quest to appreciate the true intent of this teaching impels us to probe different possibilities. As well also focus on what dreams might be conveying to us. Going to bed hungry seems to the key to unlocking the illuminating meaning about Dreams of Fast Days and/or kindred imaginative distress, pain or discomfort.

These insightful Talmudic teaching about the paranormal are guaranteed to surprise and excite your inner craving for spiritual secrets and mystical Torah truth!


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