This in-depth Gemara study of Masechet Megillah focuses on observances connected to the rabbinically ordained joyous festival of Purim. This mini-series opens with a discussion about its observances when a Leap Year includes two months of Adar. A fascinating analysis of this will eventually lead us into the iconic Mitzvah of Mishloach Manot, the Holiday Gifting of Edibles to One Another!

Tractate Megillah, Chap. One, Pg 7a. Episode Four: “WHO WILL WRITE OUR HISTORY”

Over the course of the opening three Episodes, we discussed how “Leap Years” are instated to reconcile the discrepancy left by 12 lunar months and a full seasonal year. Intermittently, we insert an extra [month of] Adar which raises significant Halachic questions from Ritual Readings to Holiday Observances.

In the immediate past Episode, we identified the philosophical theories and legal jurisprudence, as well as scriptural sources for differing Halachik schools of thought.

We concluded with a verse of Megillat Esther that can be understood as addressing the formal establishment of Purim as a holiday. That now serves to springboard us into this new fourth Episode of the miniseries: “WHO WILL WRITE OUR HISTORY?”

Approaching the subject from a very different perspective, we revisit Purim’s humble beginnings as a Jewish Holiday by delving into a fascinating, albeit little known, exchange between Queen Esther and The [Jewish] Nation’s Spiritual Supreme Court, aka as the] Sanhedrin.

You’ll discover a surprising range of issues to be resolved; ranged from unwitting incitement of Jew Hatred to the precise analysis of multiple memorial-mentions found across the entirely of Tanach (our Jewish Bible)!

The fourth Episode of this new mini-series has been generously sponsored by Ron and Lena Berman in memory of Lena’s mother – Shayna bat Avraham and Leah.

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