#30 —The Uniqueness of the Third Beit HaMikdash that’ll ensure it’s eternity!


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  • Maybe people are looking in the wrong place for the temple. Akiva said Messiah can come after the second temple is destroyed, was excited when he saw a wolf on the grounds.. what if as follows: 1st temple is in heaven, second temple is in our mind (why is the area of our head between ear and eye called the temple?) –
    when no one in the world except few truly know G*d, look to him, care about him, worship him, follow his rules, pray from the heart, etc.. and is corrupted by society, technology, media, entertainment (anyone with a cell phone or computer is guilty of this, it has become G*d for many today, try spending a day, or a week without it) then the second temple is destroyed. The third temple: does it have to be a building? A structure? Yes, that will satisfy many, like a wrapped gift given to a child, the anticipation is more valuable than the material gift, which in many cases is set aside after not long.. the temple of the mind however is eternal – G*d created the temple of our mind, maybe he wants it back from all of the useless and sometimes nefarious distractions that technological advances has brought – if you really think about it, tech is somewhat of a virus – more harm than good it seems – divides, makes people antisocial with an illusion of 'connecting socially' and bringing people together – and it will get worse before it gets better.. deep subject matter – when the mind is broken, G*d can fix it, he made it – and man will never begin to understand it – it can be mimiced, manipulated, enhanced, studied, destroyed by man, but never ever created.. and people think of hashem making a building? I think he has better things to do – would hiring one million building engineers to work together to build a 10 piece Lego house be something that they would want to put on their resume?

    Maybe people are looking in the wrong places for answers?
    Something I've been wondering..