This Gemara series focuses featuring an in-depth study of the Talmud’s narrative of the events and happenings linked to mass revelation at Sinai and G-d’s Giving of the Torah to the Jewish People seven short weeks after Exodus from Egypt.

Tractate Shabbat, Page 89 a “A FABRICATION OF THE TRUTH”

Discover the incredible story of the Treasure-hunting Satan who stalked the Prince of Prophets, Moshe Rabbainu. Shockingly, it seems that the greatest Teacher of Truth trafficked in Deception, and G-d was pleased by it. How in Heaven could the fabrication of facts be a good thing?!

You’ll be amazed and uplifted at the details of Denial of Possession, and you’ll learn to appreciated how it became the Source of a Glorious Title!

The lessons will say much about the remarkable value of humility and even you we move on to discover the Day G-d “needed” help!

This is the fifteenth Episode of a study-series linked to Shavuot and Matan Torah.

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