Studying Sha’ar HaBitachon, Rabbeinu Bachaya’s “Gate of Trust” ~ the Timeless Torah Book that can teach you to How to Live with Certainty and Discover Tranquility!

Episode #23 “A FANTASTIC FEAR OF EVERYTHING” — Rabbeinu Bachaya continues his contrast of the “Alchemist” and the “Person of Faith” who achieves Absolute Trust in Hashem. The contrast is designed to further sketch the portrait illustrating the latter’s superiority in attaining true peace of mind.

Despite the Alchemist’s relatively easy road to prosperity, he is disturbed by a terrific flood of continuous anxiety. Thoughtful analysis leads us to understand that those who “Have it Made” are far from reaching “Inner Peace.” That’s because as they invariably become fearful that others will discover their secrets, they become victims of their own success!

Ironically the “lucky one” possessing keys to unlocking quick riches is always anxious and forever looking over his shoulder, trusting no one. Conversely those living with Trust in Hashem experience inner peace and is absolved of worries, anxiety and concern – as only Bitachon enables true personal tranquility!

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