Redmption Song Series — Ruth: a Remarkable Story of Loyalty and Love. Megillat Ruth. Chapter IV, verses 16 and 17 “A MAN CALLED OVED”

Naomi responds to the comforting and prophetic words of the virtuous women who surround her. She fully embraces her role and fosters the Blessed Baby as her own child. Yet although he was doted on and so tenderly cared for he remained nameless, referred to as Naomi’s child . In the end the women of her neighbourhood take note and they name him Oved, reflecting their prayerful hope that he grow up to be a “true servant of G-d.” Ultimately the Man Called Oved does not disappoint, reaching great spiritual heights himself and nurturing his progeny in like fashion.

Oved Naomi Ruth KingDavid RoyalBloodline HarvestFestival Shavuot

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