This in-depth Gemera study is on the fascinating teachings of Perek Chelek, which uniquely focuses on Faith Matters and Torah Theology. From Credo to Conduct, we explore the Soul’s Nature, Eternity, the Afterlife and the future Messianic Redemption.

To clarify these aspects archetypal personalities and eras are often analyzed and assessed to shed light on these matters. Occasionally, it’ll reveal deeper dimensions to enable us to learn the lessons of history and avoid repeating their mistakes today!

Tractate Sanhedrin, Page 94 a “AN UNGRATEFUL NATION”

This Episode opens with a focus on a Royal Disgrace of National Ingratitude and varying watershed moments. We will see a glaring historic omission that repeated itself, and focus on the lessons we must learn from them!

Analysis of an ancient narrative that remains an ongoing source of practical guidance and uplifting inspiration will make us wonder if it was a sharp-edged knife, or serrated sensitivities?

Finally, we’ll zero in to decode a strange story of Monarchical Name Symmetry that led to an Asymmetric Victory on the Battlefield. These events of antiquity may well contain real-time instructions for success even when you aren’t given unique Privileges or special Blessings!

This Episode of Talmud study is sponsored in the merit, and for the Refuah Shlaima of Shmuel Yisroel ben Chana Sara.

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