This Special Farbrengen/Lecture edition of the Daily LIVE Class is being presented in honour and celebration of the modern-day Chasidic Festival HEY TEVET ~ Didan Notzach, (a Midrashic term meaning “Victory is Ours”), representing victory of all things good and the triumph of all Holy Endeavors.

Our Presentation is entitled: “BOOK CLUB”

Be it Resolved: Holy Books have Souls. Owning and using them helps Ours!

The events leading up to Didan Notzach, challenged the idea of a Tzadik’s living legacy and lasting influence, even after their terrestrial passing. The ownership of a library seemed to be a technical detail.

Yet, ultimately it became clear that The Rebbe saw the Seforim as the very crux of the issue. A fascinating explanation of why that is provides us lessons for life!

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