Studying Sha’ar HaBitachon, Rabbeinu Bachaya’s “Gate of Trust” ~ the Timeless Torah Book that can teach you to How to Live with Certainty and Discover Tranquility!

Episode #34 “CHOOSING JOBS” The right Bitachon-based attitude makes all the difference in navigating your career path and job-hunting efforts. Rabbainu Bachaya cogently argues that the wrong perspective can cause unnecessary grief and turmoil. In this powerful lesson he demonstrates how and why You Can choose to Control Your Career, instead of allowing it to Control You!

What if are already enmeshed in business, and feeling trapped in today’s global market, is it too late for you to establish the professional independence you crave?

Do we still have the Freedom to find the kind of Job we always dreamed about, or are we already doomed to forever be shackled by our present Vocations?

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