This in-depth Gemara study of Masechet Sukkah focuses on the biblical festival of Sukkot, and specifically on its defining Mitzvah, Dwelling in Sukkah — residing in the iconic Holiday Hut during this seasonal Chag.

The Torah command to dwell or reside in a Sukkah raises an obvious and fundamental question: What precisely is a Sukkah? Here, we delve into the nuanced discussions of our Sages that develop, define, and elucidate detailed, highly technical, and sometimes theoretical Halachik (Jewish Ritual Law) parameters that govern the term Sukkah.
Tractate Sukkah, Chapter One, Page 6, b “CRACKING THE PROPHETIC CODE”

In the previous Episode we sought Scripture Sources for rules governing the Sukkah itself, and the differing opinions about the minimum partition requirements.

In deciphering those sources, we encountered differing methodologies of expounding biblical verses. Which is most authoritative: the written word or its vocalization? The answer to this question makes all the difference.

In this Episode we continue the quest, by seeking alternatives methods to trace the Scriptural Sources for the Sukkah’s Surroundings with variations of deciphering the same Prophetic Code that minimize dissent!

While there isn’t a practical difference and the ultimate destination is same, in true Talmudic fashion we identify various scenic routes to navigate our way there!

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