A Torah class by Rabbi Mendel Kaplan on Tehillim 119; 116-117

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  • Rabbi, can the messiah be a woman? My brother was born with blue blood due to transposition of the great ventricles. He had two open heart surgeries as a newborn baby but now he is 45 years old with his heart failing him. When he was born with this it furthered the medical knowledge and 11 years ago he had a son with the same condition, so in essence he helped to save his own son. Being of Greek heritage from Arahova I am called to heal animals and use resins from the tree such as Frankincense and balsam to heal the skin of animals. I created for my daughter who had gotten scalp psoriasis from a strep infection from the animals I was grooming and with my knowledge of scriptures, I was able to make healing formulas. I have many reasons to believe that my family is related to Jesus so I ask, if it is possible? I don't believe I am the Messiah but maybe the paraclete, such as Jesus dog who is following closely.