Redmption Song Series — Ruth: An insightful and incisive review of the deeper meaning implanted in this extraordinary story of Love, Loyalty and Devotion.
This is a mystical “EPILOGUE” on Megillat Ruth

The Biblical Scroll of Ruth is arguably the most unusual book in our entire Canon. Although it was ostensibly written to document the lineage of King David and the eternal House of Jewish Royalty he founds, there are many detailed and overarching messages that transcend the technicalities of establishing Israel’s Royal Bloodline. This concluding 40th Episode opens by highlighting some of the scroll’s general inspirational teachings. Then dipping deeply into secret wisdom of Kabbalah; a redemptive illustration of life, purpose and creation itself is sketched in illuminating mystical brushstrokes!

Kabbalah Ruth KingDavid Royalty TheCrown Redemption Moshiach

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