Studying Sha’ar HaBitachon, Rabbeinu Bachaya’s “Gate of Trust” ~ the Timeless Torah Book that can teach you to How to Live with Certainty and Discover Tranquility!

Episode #12 “FOLLY TO BE WISE” — Having established the singular nature of Bitachon Basics with the notion that we are relying on, or trusting in anything other G-d necessarily detracts from and even diminishes our unique Divine downflow of sustenance, vitality and blessing, the author now moves to identify specifics.

The first form of debilitating Trust-Inclusivity occurs when people rely on their own wisdom and wherewithal, although everyone one knows that Smart People Don’t Always Finish First! In fact, wisdom can easily become foolishness when Highly Intelligent People place Trust in their Talent instead of in G-d — the true and singular source of success and sustenance!

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