Part 3: Moshiach What?! Once the Great Shofar sounds 🔊 how life will be…


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  • The Moshiach is not the Moshiach. The Angel of Hashem will come and yes, he will do miracles greater than he performed in Exodus. That’s why it’s said, no longer will they say, as Hashem lives who delivered his people from Egypt! It will be tiny in comparison.

  • Not a metaphor. All these things can be done, as weird as it sounds. The Torah is something very esoteric. It's built into the fabric of creation as the magnetic field around all living things. Gold alters it. There's a way to use it to restore the golde magnetic torus (calf) of the earth

  • What the Lord revealed to me about Moshiach is that he is on earth and has been for a long time. That he has not yet received his anointing. That he is in a state similar to Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel chapter 4. Not a man crawling around like a beast but like a heavenly prince walking around like a lowly and despised human full of suffering and loneliness.

  • life will still be the same but it will depend on what you wish to have out of life, if you wish to have real longer lasting life then I am YOUR GOD because GOD has given me thou authority to build that invention once people care to life instead of war, GOD always knows

  • The reference "calf and young lion" could very well signify the world-wide rise of animal sanctuaries as there seems to be a rapidly growing vegan anti-animal cruelty trend.

  • The mashiach will obviously be a man of power and influence (eg US President, Attorney General, or SJW) and will facilitate and fund the move back to Israel, for the Jews. Of course, this will set off his critics.

  • “How will Life be after Moshiach comes?” ……looks interesting 🤔 The Rambam? 🤣🤣🤣 I didn’t know there was a specific book that says everything about the Messiah. Wow, I need to read it at once. When the Messiah arrives, assuming that people accept him, there will be a change of mood in the first place. It is possible that at first the Messiah causes some disappointment, it is inevitable, but when they realize that the thing is serious something will begin to awaken within them. Something you cannot describe in words, something that will grow unstoppably. In any case you have to understand that humanity is immense and therefore advances driven by great inertia, change its direction, from wrong to right, won’t be automatic, it will take some time and many people will be left by the way, for whatever reason. That’s life, between night and day we will have to wait a while for the new reality to dawn, and people will live an unrepeatable moment in the history of mankind. They will literally hold the fate of humanity in their hands. There is something that surprises me a little, how does this man know what the work of the Messiah is? I imagine that the Messiah will be a humble guy but I don’t think he likes to be told what his job is. He speaks as if the Messiah’s job is vey simple. This is one of those who will inevitably be disappointed, he has already decided everything and the Messiah all he has to do is meet his expectations.