Studying Sha’ar HaBitachon, Rabbeinu Bachaya’s “Gate of Trust” ~ the Timeless Torah Tome that can teach US ALL How to Live with Certainty and Discover Tranquility!

Chapter Four, Part Thirty-Six: “I CAN’T DO THIS BUT I CAN DO THAT”

In previous Episodes we learnt that shifting responsibility to G-d in our spiritual service equals Trust misappropriation, as He already tasked us that responsibility. This approach is in sharp contrast to the way we are supposed to apply Bitachon in all arenas of material pursuit.

To further clarify this foundational distinction, the present Episode richly illustrates how not all Bitachon is created equal:

Learn why Rabbeinu Bachaya felt compelled to detail why the attitude of Bitachon required for material affairs is radically different than the Trusting take we are expected to employ in pursuit of our true life’s mission in serving Hashem.

Despite the faith-fact that in both dimensions of life, we can only make our best efforts and must leave the rest in G-d’s hands. The case for a vast Trust Distinction is dramatically presented.

The Thirty-Sixth segment of the Fourth Chapter of “Shaar HaBitachon” has been sponsored by Yuval and Carol Popper to commemorate the Yahrzeit of Carol’s mother, Rochel Rivka bat Avraham and Hindel.

This Episode comprises the 109th consecutive video of the ongoing series on Trust.

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