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Chapter Three, Part Twenty: “INSIDE JOB”

Having previously enumerated reasons as to why Hashem orchestrates the hurdles we face and the need for us to toil to obtain our livelihood. Rabbainu Bachaya now contends; the person whose commitment to G-d is absolute won’t need the challenges to reach their spiritual potential. And, for such a person, G-d will provide — sans the difficulties ordinary people will have to face!

In this episode we will “Meet the Man” who doesn’t need to work or worry to Earn a Living as he is the ultimate Insider for whom Hashem cares and provides.

In other words, we are faced with the hardships of finding sustenance because its beneficial for us. Yet, for certain exceptional individuals due to the highly effective Risk Management already deployed, there is simply no benefit!

According to this thesis, the truly Righteous Person won’t be required to toil to obtain his Sustenance at all. Instead, he’s got G-d arranging all his basic needs!!

Part Twenty of the chapter comprises the 65th episode of this ongoing series.

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