EXTREME MAKEOVER: Temple Edition ~ The Laws on G-d’s Residence of Choice Rambam: Hilchot Beit HaBechira. Chapter 8; 5b

Episode #79 – “KEYS OF THE KINGDOM”

In past Episode we learned about the role played by the Junior Cohanim in the Beit HaMikdash Honour Guard. This included the details of the Upper-Level Chambers in which they were stationed when they took up their positions.

In the current Episode we’ll focus on the Elder Cohanim, and the semi-sacred “Chamber of the Hearth” area in which they fulfilled their version of this sacred watch.

We will also learn about the responsibility vested in the hands of these elder Cohanim to ensure that the Adults Maintain Control by Keeping the Keys in Possession!

This Episode of the Beit HaBechira Series has been sponsored in the Zechut of a Refuah Shleima for Shmuel Yisroel ben Chana Sara.

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