This Special Holiday Series: LOVE, LIGHTS, HANUKKAH! is designed to illuminate the meaning of our Jewish Festival of Lights by highlighting little known details of the Historical, Theological and Spiritual underpinnings of Chanukah.

The Fifth Episode entitled AT THE GATES OF DARKNESS is dedicated to revealing our radiant Menorah’s unique spiritual Potency and Power!

The observance of the Jewish Festival of Lights, known as Chanukah revolves primarily around the kindling of the Menorah, as established by our Sages from the very beginning. Clearly, this Mitzvah occupies a central space in the observance and celebration of this outstanding holiday.

Interestingly, the Halacha governs not only the timing and fueling of this glowing commemoration, but also, it’s placement. Our Sages not only pressed for public placement — at the outer gateways of our homes — they further identified the left side as most appropriate.

The creation of an all-encompassing entranceway appears to account for this arrangement, yet, to be sure this sinister space seems out of step and place.

The ensuing exploration of the jurisprudence governing this anomaly brings other possibilities to light. Upon encountering additional difficulties, we are led to newfound insight about the Menorah’s message, which sheds much light — ultimately illuminating the issue and leading us on to incredible discoveries!

Whatever you level of Jewish knowledge, literacy background this presentation will present a fascinating fresh understanding of the Menorah and the powerful rays it projects into the darkness!

The Fifth Episode of our special holiday series has been generously sponsored by Gail and Marty Bergman to honour and elevate the soul of her late mother, Marilyn Godel, (Miriam bat Arye Leib) whose Shloshim is observed on this Fifth day of Chanukah.

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