The series on the Passover Haggadah features either an in-depth study of the actual ancient text, or at times – as in this instance – a careful study of the formal instructional accompaniment. The lessons are primarily based on the elucidation authored by the Rebbe, and invariably draw on a wide range of classic and contemporary commentary.

This presentation continues the study-series on Seder Handbook with a specific focus on “Motzei,” step seven of the fifteen that comprise the Pesach Seder’s Order.

Episode #38 entitled, MATZO TIME: BLESSINGS! features analysis of the Benediction Law and Order that break into the next big event of the evening: Eating Matzo!

Having completed our study of the ritual Handwashing in detail, we move onto the unique rules governing the recitation of Blessings over the Meal and the Matzo.

In addition to learning all about the precise order of the Brachot we do recite, we’ll also investigate the Bracha that, surprisingly, seems to be MIA!

We will discover just how instructive the exact text of the formal instructions can be, as we highlight its subtleties revealing much insight on the performance of unique Passover Holiday Observances!

This class is the 38th Episode in an ongoing study series on the Haggadah (the Handbook) of the Passover Seder.

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