This series features an in-depth study – in 120-byte size segments – on the Twelfth Principles of our Jewish Faith, Belief in the coming of The Messiah (Moshiach). Drawing on a wide range of classic and contemporary commentaries ultimately addressing the burning issue of passive Anticipation vs active Awaiting?

Episode Sixteen: “MESSIANIC SOURCES”

In the previous Episode we focused on the religious obligation to Believe in the Coming of the Messiah, as enshrined by Maimonides as a Foundational Element of Our Faith.

A key point of departure was Rambam’s inclusion of a legal ruling about the demerit of a faith deficiency in this area. This led us to a deeper understanding of Moshiach’s place withing the framework of Torah theology.

In this Episode we will further delve into the subject, specifically focusing on the scriptural sources for our conviction in the idea of a Messianic Redeemer. We’ll also continue to explore why it’s absence necessarily translates into a position of formal Halachik “Heresy.”

This is the Sixteenth episode in an ongoing study series on The Geula, our final Redemption generally referred to as the Coming of The Messiah (Moshiach).

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