AWAIT! is a series featuring in-depth study – in 120-byte size segments – on the Twelfth Principles of our Jewish Faith, Belief in the coming of The Messiah (Moshiach). Drawing on a wide range of classic and contemporary commentaries ultimately addressing the burning issue of passive Anticipation vs active Awaiting?

Episode Twenty-Seven: “MESSIANIC URGENCY”

In our previous Episodes we addressed whether Awaiting Moshiach is an important yet non-urgent matter, or it also a matter of “high urgency.”

While many faith-professing, pious people seem to follow the first approach, an honest assessment of the precise prayerful prose of our Sages found in our daily Tefillah conclusively indicates otherwise.

To further emphasize and demonstrate the veracity of this Torah true take of the subject, in this Episode we’ll highlight a shocking Talmudic (and parallel Midrashic) teaching that’s further augmented by Halachik jurisprudence of our modern era.

Here you will discover why it comes to Moshiach, omission must be reframed as commission. Looking beyond the surface to properly view destruction as dynamic and ongoing, becomes constructive insofar as our yearning and aspiration is concerned.

This leads to an unmistakable conclusion about the overriding urgency of redemption!

This is the Twenty Seventh Episode in an ongoing study series on The Geula, our final Redemption generally referred to as the Coming of Moshiach (The Messiah).

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